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Hypnotherapy is a relationship with a Client who cannot presently meet their own needs out of their own resources - the Clinical Hypnotherapist who at the request of the client provides a service (at the truest sense of the word), coupled with skill.

Who We Are

Our Career Training In Clinical Hypnotherapy

Master Of Clinical Hypnotherapy (On-Line in our Virtual Classroom)

This is our complete program (Levels 1-3). This on-line program of study is equivalent training to our onsite program. The online program is ongoing and you can start at anytime, working at your own pace and is well-suited for students who have time constraints. The program has an allowable completion time limit of one (1) year. This all inclusive program is designed to prepares the student for a career as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Graduate students receive a Master Of Clinical Hypnotherapy Certificate on successful completion and are eligible to apply for accreditation with participating association. Ask us about our payment plans!

Advanced Education Diploma in Clinical Counselling-Hypnosis (On-Line in our Virtual Classroom)

This Advanced Diploma Training is for those who have completed training in Hypnotherapy (minimum 300 hours) and/or 3 years of clinical experience working with clients and Professional Members of a recognized Association. The program has an allowable completion time limit of one (1) year. The focus will be on developing counselling skills to advance the role of the Hypnotherapist to that of a Counselling-Hypnotherapist. Expanding one's understanding of Working with Cultural Diversity, Solution-Focussed Therapy For Hypnotherapists, The Four-Phase Protocol Model For Therapy and Understanding Mental Health, The Counselling-Hypnosis Process and Therapeutic Interventions, Human Development & Family of Origin for Hypnotherapists - and so much more.

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Online Virtual Classroom

Why our "online" training is just as effective as an equivalent "onsite" training

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Meet Our Instructors

In Brief

The CrossRoads Counselling Group was founded in 1989 by Dr. Brick and Mona Saunderson. Both work within the discipline of Integrative Healing Body/Mind/Spirit Therapy (which includes Traditional Counselling, Transpersonal (spiritual experiences) Cognitive/Behavioural Therapy, Client Centred Psychotherapy, Clinical Medical/Behavioural Hypnotherapy, Pain Management, Body Psychotherapy, Reiki and Acupressure. They bring over 40 years of combined experience into the clinic and the classroom. The CrossRoads Training Institute was established in 1999 to fill a void in British Columbia, Canada to bring an alternative training option for both career development and continued educational development in the mental/behavioural health profession; championing the use of clinical Hypnosis as a valid treatment protocol. Now we are bring our world class onsite training to the international online world, a medium that makes it affordable and time flexible no matter where you are or what your time zone happens to be.

Staff Therapists and Instructors
Mona E. Saunderson, RCCH, CRCCHyp, ECP, BCP, KOHP
VR (Brick) Saunderson, BA, M.DIV., D.MIN., RCCH, CRCCHyp, CHt, CMC

Accredited Instructors/School With:

Certificate of Education Award from IMDHACertificate of Education Award from CCCHCertificate of Education Award from IACT

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